Careful Planning Is The Secret of A Jolly Family Road Trip

Careful Planning Is The Secret of A Jolly Family Road Trip

Did you know that British parents take their kids out on day trips only seven days per year? If you want more quality time with your kids, why not use some of those days for a road trip? Scotland is the dream road trip destination for most English families, but you can go anywhere. The secret of a jolly family road trip that isn’t filled with stress and arguments is careful planning. There is so much that you can do to boost the odds of the best trip ever.

Choose the right vehicle

If your current vehicle isn’t really appropriate for a road trip, you may want to rent one that is, or trade in your current vehicle for a new or used model that ticks every box. A spacious vehicle with comfortable seats, good fuel economy and an infotainment system that includes a rear entertainment system for the kids to enjoy will be ideal. If you prefer not to rent or lease, do what you can to make your existing vehicle more family-friendly. You may be able to rig up an entertainment system, such as an overhead DVD player system, if you don’t have one at present, and add fuzzy and comforting seat covers or blankets that make your children feel more at home. The vehicle that you ride in is going to play a pivotal role in the success of your road trip.

Plan a kid-friendly itinerary

A road trip is about the journey, but children need frequent breaks during long drives. Keep this important fact in mind as you plan out your road trip itinerary. A child may not get the same buzz from a pretty roadside view that you do. He or she may feel very bored and restless sometimes. To make sure the kids stay jolly, map out your route and then pinpoint practical and pleasant rest areas along the way, such as parks, restaurants or attractions.

You can still be spontaneous sometimes. For example, you might want to keep a football in the boot and enjoy an impromptu game of family footie in a field when the urge strikes, but you should have some kind of master plan. When you do, you’ll ensure that your kids (and yourself and your partner, if you have one) get time out from the road. You’ll also feel more in control of the whole adventure.

Create a detailed budget

You’re the adult, and the buck stops with you. You need to ensure that you’re financially responsible because you have children to take care of, so decide what you can afford to spend on the road trip before you drive a single kilometre. If you don’t make a realistic budget, you may end up overspending. The problem with this is that financial worries will probably surface during the vacation and change your mood for the worse. To oversee a jolly holiday, you need to be free of worries yourself. Spend only what you can really afford. Stick with the budget so you can relax, knowing that you’re not stretching yourself too much when it comes to money.

Life is short, and family time is often the most meaningful time there is. When you follow these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing road trip with the kids that creates so many fond and lasting memories. You’ll get to see new things together, and break out of the everyday routine.

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