Boss January: 5 Ways To Start The Year Right

The new year is always a time when people try to make changes. It might be in the form of a formal resolution, or it might just be a kind of general feeling and wish to do things better. Often these things revolve around health, relationships and so on, and these are areas where there are always improvements to be made in some way or another. If you are hoping to start 2020 off right, then there are many ways that you might be able to do so, and in this article we are going to take a look at some of the best. Consider all of these if you want to get this new year started in the best way you can.


If you have never tried being vegan before, it’s worth a go. There are many great health benefits to this way of eating, and it is also one of the best things that you can do for the environment too. Eating animal products is proven to accelerate the global warming that is so much the central issue of life on earth at the moment, so if you manage to do away with that you are really doing a lot. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a diet without animal products is less likely to cause cancer, cardiovascular failure and heart disease, stroke and diabetes, so you are setting yourself up for a healthier life at the same time too.

Because most people find it hard to do away with altogether, there is such a thing as veganuary. As the name implies, you just need to go without animal products in your diet for one month. It is a challenge, but a doable one, and at the end of it you might well feel like a new person. It is also, incidentally, an extremely effective way to lose some of that holiday weight. If you are thinking of trying this, remember that you need to plan it out well, so that you don’t end up falling off it and accidentally going back to eating meat and dairy. Good planning will help you greatly in succeeding here.

Run Twice A Week

Part of the trouble with a lot of resolutions is that you try to do too much too fast. When that happens, all that is going to happen is that you will not be able to succeed, and you will feel that you are not doing the right thing. However, if you set yourself a modest task, then you are much more likely to be able to do it, and you will therefore feel prouder and also get more out of it too. For that reason, it’s good to approach your exercise goals in this same way, and many people have exercise goals when it comes to this time of year. One good way to ensure that you are exercising without pushing yourself too much is to aim to go running twice a week. This is clearly not too much of a challenge, but it is enough of a change that you should notice a difference. And if you are doing this at the same time as dieting, you are bound to speed up the amount of weight you lose too.

Intermittent Fasting

You might well have heard about intermittent fasting in recent years, as it has been growing with popularity quite rapidly. This is a method of fasting whereby you have an eating window each day and a fasting window, and you stick to them as well as you can. You might for instance have a fasting window of 16 hours, going from 9pm to 1pm the next day, including your sleeping hours of course. Then you can eat whatever you like for the remaining hours of the day. This is actually an incredibly effective weight loss method, and people have noticed real changes from it, but you do have to stick with it for a good six weeks before you notice those changes. However, it also does much more for you than just helping you to lose weight.

Get Reading

Many of us don’t read as much as we used to, and that is something of a shame. Whatever it is that you might feel gets in the way of your reading, you might want to think about trying to read more in this coming year. Doing that will mean that you can expect to expand your mind, improve your vocabulary, and generally increase your intelligence, so it is absolutely something that you should think about for those reasons. If you want to get serious about it, you might even want to set yourself a challenge for 2020 to see how many books you can read in the year. That’s a great way to make sure you are reading lots.

Take A Social Media Break

Social media can be wonderful, but it can also be the opposite, and there is definitely such a thing as too much of it. If you feel that you would like to try and reduce how much you use it, that is absolutely something that you can do to help start the year right. In fact, taking all of January away from it could be a good way to do this, and you might find that it is incredibly beneficial for you psychologically. It’s definitely worth thinking about.

With intermittent fasting, you are helping to regrow the human growth hormone that we all have, which is so necessary for avoiding aging too fast and other issues that many people want to deal with more effectively. You are likely to have more energy, better quality skin and hair, and feel much better in terms of your mood too. All of this is really important, and it is something that you can think about if you are wondering whether to try this. It is a great way to start the year, and something that would be highly recommended to anyone wanting a particularly powerful health boost for 2020.

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