A Beginner’s Guide to Fine Wine

A Beginner’s Guide to Fine Wine

For many people all over the world, wine is more than just a mere beverage. Wine is deeply ingrained in many cultures as the drink of choice for celebrating. Wine holds connotations of elegance, luxury and sophistication.

To the connoisseur there is something seductive about the complexity of the interactions which determine a wine’s overall character. The elaborate interplay between the different variables, such as the type of grape used and when and where it was harvested from, is far from predictable.

As a result of this, wine connoisseurs will rate certain wines to be of particularly high quality. Wines from a particular region and year will subsequently be highly sought after and fetch a higher price. If you want to get serious about your fine wines, you will have to learn to keep your ear to the ground and stay abreast of the hottest tips for the next blockbuster vintage.

Fine Wine as an Investment

In recent years, fine wine has gained prominence as a popular investment for bright new entrepreneurs. Many people who enjoy drinking fine wine also invest in it to some extent. If you purchase wine as an investment, then you will often want to refrain from opening it. On the other hand, some of these highly collectible wines which collectors purchase as investment items end up being cracked open to celebrate major family events.

It was around the year 2009 that the DIY fine wine investment market really took off. Other than a single market crash in 2011, fine wines have proven to be sound investment opportunities. The industry is growing on a global scale. Fine wine sales are increasing every year, with emerging economies such as China and India representing rapidly growing markets.

Tasting Fine Wine

Before you start splashing out on actually buying fine wine and looking at cellarage services such as Octavian Vaults (this is a must if you want to mature your wine correctly), it is a good idea to do a bit of tasting. Some people enjoy the collecting aspect of fine wines more than the actual drinking. On the other hand, some collectors are connoisseurs who appreciate their collections for the unique characteristics of each wine they own.

You can go on a wine tasting course which can take place over a single day or evening to get to grips with the basics of tasting fine wine. A wine tasting instructor will help you identify the various components of a wine and assess their quality. You will also learn how to pair fine wine with the correct food.

Buying Fine Wine

You should not attempt to purchase any fine wines yourself until you feel confident in your ability to assess the merits of any deal that you are offered. Don’t dive in at the deep end and immediately start looking for rare and exquisite vintages. Instead, stick to the more expensive versions of wines that you already know that you enjoy.

The world of fine wines is an exciting one for those who are passionate about the drink. For many people, wine is an important part of their culture. Across the globe, wine is seen as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.


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