Battling With An Off-Again, On-Again Relationship To Fitness?

Battling With An Off-Again, On-Again Relationship To Fitness?

Not everyone starts off their relationship with fitness feeling great about themselves and the effort they’re putting down. Some might find that a long period of no exercise has left them out of shape and unhappy (er hello!), and only then are they willing to make a change. Some might get in a disciplined state for a month or two, only to let it slide when work starts piling up (so easily done). While it’s universally true that exercise is worthwhile, it’s not always followed. After all, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. But how do you avoid that off-again, on-again relationship with fitness? How can we have a more stable relationship to it, and enjoy ourselves in the process? After all, getting in shape isn’t some grim duty to be carried out, but it should be fun in its own right. It helps you learn about yourself, it helps you feel amazing, and it helps you get good at something.

With the following tips, your next effort might be much more reliable:

Group Up

Grouping up with a friend can help you overcome that sense of personal obligation, because now you’ll be obligated to a friend or family member. This helps you both attend for fear of letting the other person down. Very quickly helping your friend work out will become an exciting activity, because there’s nothing like the mutual encouragement of seeing each other succeed or overcome personal hurdles. Just be sure you’re there to take it seriously and not simply for a fun social date, although it can serve as that if you do take it seriously, which is ironic to a certain extent. Also, despite being in the ‘socializing mindset,’ try not to head to the cafe for a large cake afterwards, no matter how indulgent you’re both feeling. We all know how coffee dates can go.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes it’s the experts advice that helps us overcome the hardest of errors, and by sometimes we mean most of the time. Experts have been there and done that with a range of clients time and time again, but be sure to use this great personal trainer advice to ensure you select one with some merit and understanding. With one at your side, you might be extremely surprised as to what you can achieve, and will be tapping into reserves of strength you never even knew you had.

Small Steps

The small steps can mean the most over time. Can’t run a full three miles today? That’s fine, just go for thirty seconds more than you did last time. It’s the incremental progress we make that we can take true pride in, and it does build quickly. If you do this, then you can avoid the usual easy-to-fall-into trap of requiring too much of yourself every time you attend a gym, which can quickly demotivate you as its hard to conform to those initial high standards.


With these tips, you’ll be sure to stay more consistent in your gym efforts.


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