Arlo is on the move! A Safety 1st Auto Close Baby Gate Review

At just turned 8 months, and just like his brother and sister before him, we now have a baby who is ‘commando crawling’ and officially on the move, and as such is being a total liability!

Enter: the return of the baby gate.

Since we had given our old baby gates away, I was delighted when Safety 1st got in touch and wanted to know if we’d like Arlo and the rest of the family to test out their Safety 1st Auto Close Baby Gates. 

There was a resounding “yes please!” as we are certainly needing them…

Where as with the Freddie and Sasha it didn’t really matter what kind of baby gates we had as they only had adults operating them, this time we needed something that was baby/toddler-proof, yet the big ones could manage too. I love the fact that with our Safety 1st gate it can be easily opened and closed by squeezing the buttons on the handle, and even S could do this with ease now at age 5.

What is a big plus point too, is that once the gate has been opened and the person goes through, the gate automatically closes behind you. This is a must-have now we have 3 children, as whilst the bigger two are very responsible for their ages, it’s not fair on them to have to remember to shut the gate behind them every single time.

This auto close baby stairgate gives me HUGE peace of mind as a result, and the double locking mechanism and Secure Tech® indicator shows the gate is safely locked into place.

I personally prefer pressure point baby gates as it means you can move them around as needed (we might yet put this one on our kitchen door sometimes), and also less drilling and damage to the walls in our home <insert precious homeowner emoji> 

This baby gate is pretty wide, opens in both directions for openings between 73cm and 80cm, but can be extended up to 136cm with separately available extensions.

So what did we think of our new baby gates?

I’m genuinely pleased with these ones so far, due to ease of use for all the family. The fact that having bigger children in the mix means more potential for tiny escapees, but the auto-close aspect has been a godsend, and being easy-to-use has significantly reduced the time spent answering “Muuuuuuummmmy, can you open the gate pleeeeeeeease?” type scenarios.

I think we might buy another one to contain him in his room for the moment whilst we’re all getting ready on busy school mornings.

A definite thumbs up here!


We were sent our baby gates from Safety 1st in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions my own.

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