Alternatives To The Packaged Family Holiday

Alternatives To The Packaged Family Holiday

Package holidays have their place, and many of us have booked them over the years. As our families grow and our preferences change; however, there are new options to choose from, and new people to consider when we think about the destination. Depending on the size of your family and the age range dictates your limits, and budget usually. And even though a staycation or backpacking experience is a desirable option for many, There are plenty of other holidays to choose from to create the trip of a lifetime.


When booking a holiday at travel agents, or online, everything is usually lumped into one package, including your flights, transport, accommodation, and sometimes excursions. But if you are thinking of a specific destination then finding a hdb for rent may be right up your street. This way, you can search through hundreds of properties at your destination of choice, and be able to customise your visit easily. This sort of option can be ideal for people who are visiting friends and family in a different country too. You may not need to worry about cooking or day trips when you are socialising, but a decent bed and a safe place to lay your head is bound to be top of the priority list.


Many people choose to go on a cruise regularly because they fall in love with the whole holiday. Having all of your needs met, in one place that includes swimming pools, exercise classes, food, and a bed while still being able to visit various locations around the world is a fantastic opportunity. There is even the opportunity to take in some entertainment, in the form of singing and dancing, or cinema rooms. Many cruise ships also have casinos and plenty of bars to choose from as well. If you’re the type of person that likes to cram in everything to one holiday and take many day trips, then a cruise might be a good idea. Some people even have their favourite cruise ship and will only book specific ones.


Discovery holidays are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will help you discover a specific part of the world where not many people who have been before. These types of holidays include trips on Safari and even visit derelict historical locations, that are closed off from the view of the public. There are excellent tour guides and excursions set up specifically for these exclusive holidays, and even though you pay a premium for these, you can’t match the experience that you will game. Quite often people choose to take a high-quality camera with them because capturing sites such as the Northern Lights, or Whales in the sea are sites not to be forgotten. These trips are ones that will be talked about through the generations, and photographs will be shared for many years to come.

Theme park space

If you have children, or even if not, you may find that a stay at a theme park is an exciting holiday, with many day trips included for the same price. Many theme parks have their own hotels, generally decorated in a way that matches the theme throughout. Characters, competitions, and activities to keep the children entertained, and often the adults enjoy these types of breaks more than the children! Something parks such as Drayton Manor have specific themes that children absolutely love, such as Thomas land. 


Clamping has become a popular holiday choice over the last few years, not only popular with festival-goers, but many people just looking to get out of the city, and be in nature, really love this option. Twinkling fairy lights and a campfire to roast marshmallows around is an ideal getaway option. This will, of course, keep the costs down as well, but it all depends on how luxurious you want your clamping to be. Another alternative is to find a lovely log cabin or caravan that suits your needs. Once you know that the great outdoors of you, the world is your oyster. Quite often people will invest in a campervan, and travel all around the country looking for seaside and country town resorts, to set up base and spend the holiday time.

City hopping

This particular option is popular with people who wish to travel around Europe. There are many different cities available with incredible history and architecture for people to look at. Museums and art galleries, and theatre shows everywhere you look, which for the person who loves culture and shows an interest in the place they are visiting, there is plenty to do. This is a bucket list style travel request, and many people have France, Italy, and Sweden on the list of places to visit. Your options here could go on for months if you decide to sample the city is on offer. Quite often, people find a love for a specific place, and will either continue to visit regularly or set up home there.


Even though many of these options may sound like they may be tricky if you are part of a family with small children, plenty of people before you have packed up the suitcases for small children, but the baby carrier on their back and set off on their travels without much worry. As long as you have the passport and paperwork for everyone ready to go, and your essentials such as baby wipes and snacks, you can quite efficiently work the rest out as you go. Many accommodations are happy to help when it comes to providing a cot or child-friendly rooms. But these are specific memories that will be made for you and your family and kept for decades to come.

Travelling with children really helps broaden their minds, and educate them about the world around us. This certainly can’t be a bad thing.

Just a little forward planning and a lot of common sense will see to it that you have a wonderful time and remembering to take your camera is important don’t forget!


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