Adding the finishing touches to your home with Skirting World

Adding the finishing touches to your home with Skirting World

As we are looking to move house shortly, I’m obviously concerned that our house looks as presentable as possible to any potential buyers. It’s often the case that because you are living in your space constantly, that you become immune to any clutter, quirks and tatty bits around you. As someone who often takes interiors photos as part of their living now, one of my top tips is to tidy, and then take a photo of the room you just THINK you’ve tidied, and then look at it.

Be prepared to spot things you really hadn’t noticed before! 

Two things that have been niggling me for a while, and that we wanted to replace anyway, is some of the skirting board in the kitchen that has been knocked by the children playing, and also the inner door frame to our bathroom. The latter was a temporary measure when we had the main bathroom renovated last year, and we were going to get our carpenter friend to come back and sort it but we just never got round to making the call. Maybe it’s about time we did! I worry that a buyer may think it’s scruffy, and we wouldn’t want even a little thing like this to hinder our house-selling process. 

However, we most likely really don’t NEED to get a carpenter in to sort this small issues, as for things like this you can measure up and buy online.

Enter: Skirting World. 

Skirting World are a Birmingham-based company who ship all over the UK, and specialise in skirting board and architrave (as well as the kind of door frames that we could really do with). They have a huge range of profile designs and a wide selection of sizes that should suit the needs of most people and homes – from a piece of fancy skirting board to a bulk order of bespoke MDF skirting boards. 

As well as being able to browse online, Skirting World also have a showroom just outside of Birmingham City Centre so you can see their products in the flesh. 

I know that once we get some new skirting board and a bathroom door frame it will really spruce up our already lovely kitchen and bathroom- it’s the little details that compliment the bigger picture after all! 

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*In collaboration with Skirting World

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