Who was Irene?

Irene in 1942

When it came to setting up ‘What Would Irene Do?’, the main driving force behind it was my fabulous Grandmother, Irene. When she passed away, we were left with an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful finds- intricately detailed china, Victorian glassware, ancient-but-perfect lace tablecloths- and I was wondering what to do with them all. Leading me to the question:

“Well, what would Irene do?”

Well, we knew exactly what she would want – for other people to enjoy these gorgeous items as much as she did, and so the idea for the business was born.

Born in 1920, Irene was from an era where class, finesse and time with family and friends was cherished, and I like to think my shop adheres to these values with the service I provide, and the items that are for sale and what they stand for: vintage dinner sets to share with friends, cups and saucers for afternoon tea, among many other items.

Irene was a shy girl in her youth, blossoming as time went on, and eventually became quite feisty in her old age.

A staunch supporter and member of her local WI, and a deft craftswoman, she could turn her hand to anything that required the use of her hands.

In keeping with her passions this passion for the WI, 10% of my profits from the shop will be going towards the West Wickham Women’s Institute, helping to keep it running, thus providing a valuable community service for local women.

Now that is something Irene would whole-heartedly approve of.

Becky x


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