A Simple Yet Valuable Guide To Womens Razors

A Simple Yet Valuable Guide To Womens Razors

For many women, having to shave regularly can feel like a burden. It takes time, effort but most of all money, to keep on top of an effective shaving routine.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with letting our body hair grow wild and free, understanding our options for how we can shave and what tools we can use is important too.

By being fully clued up on the types of women’s razors out there, we can all make fully informed decisions about what works best for our own bodies – rather than grabbing the first thing we see on the shelves!

Whether you have skin that is easily irritated so need a gentle razor, or you are constantly on the go so need a quick option – there will be a razor for you.

Types of womens razors…


Sensitive skin

It is surprising how many people struggle with sensitive or easily-irritated skin, whether it’s on their face, body, or both. These days though, there are plenty of men’s and women’s grooming products out there that are specifically designed to be gentle and non-abrasive on the skin.

If you’ve ever struggled with painful razor burn, rashes or annoying irritation from shaving – you are probably using a razor that is too harsh. Instead, look out for razors that are safeguarded or dermatologist-tested, to avoid causing any long-term damage or scarring.

A useful thing to keep in mind when it comes to women’s razors and shaving sensitive skin is that the more blades there are, the less irritation they will cause. For example, opt for women’s razors with five blades rather than one or two. Although these may cost slightly more, they are far more effective at hair removal. So there’s no need to go over the same spots several times to get a clean shave and you can keep your skin happy. On top of this, the closer the blades are together, the less your skin will be dragged around or squeezed between the blades – it’s a win-win.


If you take a look at the shelves stocking women’s razors, you will no doubt notice plastic, plastic, and more plastic. Luckily, people are becoming more resistant to buying one-use plastic products and instead opting for reusable materials. Why not adopt this mentality with your shaving routine too?

Opt for a high-quality and non-plastic safety razor. The initial razor may cost slightly more due to the metal material, but it can last a lifetime. The English Shaving Company offer a range of the finest womens and mens shaving products, to allow for an eco-friendly yet luxury-feeling grooming routine. Their safety razors can be used time and time again and kept for years. All you need to do is replace the blade once in a while for a small price. What’s more, if you feel like your safety razor needs replacing, it is 100% recyclable!

Dry skin

If you are prone to getting dry skin in certain areas of your body, look for razors with added moisture – no one wants scales!

Many women’s razors these days will have a built-in moisture bar to add moisture to the skin whilst you shave, so you can skip the pre-shave preparation and shaving foam. As well as keeping your skin silky smooth, you can remove some steps from your routine and save precious time!

Hard to reach places

We’ve all been there, trying to shave body parts that are particularly hard to reach and ending up doing a terrible job, or worse, cutting ourselves. If you struggle to shave certain pesky areas like the backs of your knees, look out for women’s razors that are designed to adapt to the natural contours of the body.

Easy-grip handles can be a great help for gaining more control when shaving and avoiding any accidental minor injuries!

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