7 Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a sense of fear and unease surrounding certain aspects of life such as socialising, driving or flying. Suffering from anxiety can be debilitating – it can hold you back from achieving goals and it can be physically draining, putting you under constant stress and making you tired and irritable. There are fortunately lots of ways to beat anxiety if you’re determined to overcome it. Here are just several ways to put your anxiety to rest.


Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep and anxiety can cause a vicious cycle. When you’re experiencing anxiety, you’re likely to be stressed, which itself can prevent sleep by making the body and mind more alert. At the same time, lack of sleep can prevent you having the energy to take on challenges, making anxiety worse. To help get more sleep, firstly make sure that you’re giving yourself enough hours to sleep – less than six hours is not enough. Secondly, consider trying sleeping medication to help you drift off and try relaxing activities before bed, such as having a bath or reading.

Try meditating

Meditation is a way of freeing the mind of negative thoughts. When you feel yourself getting anxious, it could be worth taking five minutes out to meditate. Close your eyes, take your deep breaths and focus on something that makes you happy or relaxed. Meditating is best done at home, but you can meditate at work – some people choose the restroom or their car, where they won’t be disturbed. After meditating, you may find that a previously daunting task is much less scary. This site Gaiam has a useful guide on how to meditate.

Cut down on coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which elevates cortisol levels (the stress hormone). If you’re feeling anxious, coffee can make you more anxious for this reason. Cutting down on coffee could help ease anxiety, although there are other solutions if you love your coffee. For instance, there are brands like Evocoffee that combine CBD to help ease anxiety. You could also try switching to decaf coffee.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol has been known to increase anxiety in many people. These feelings of anxiety generally occur as the alcohol is wearing off, with some people feeling intense anxiety for a whole day afterwards. If you’ve experienced this before, it could be worth drinking less.


Laughter is a great medicine against stress. It can reduce anxiety levels in many situations by pumping the body full of feelgood endorphins. Embrace humour when you are feeling anxious and you could find that things become less scary.

Give yourself a break

If you’re constantly subjecting yourself to situations that produce feelings of anxiety, it could be time to take yourself away from these situations and give yourself a break. This could involve taking a week off work or even getting away from the stresses of home life. A break may not only give you time to destress, but it could give you time to gain perspective and realise what it is that is truly causing your anxiety.

Consider therapy

For severe cases of anxiety, therapy is a good option. A therapist will be able to get to the root cause and help you confront your fears. Therapy could involve hypnotherapy, counselling or even group therapy.


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