6 Steps to Moving House

Most of us find ourselves needing to move house at some point in our lives. Whether we need more space, want to relocate or we simply fancy a change, moving house can be in equal parts fun and stressful. Which is why today we want to help to take the ‘stressful’ out of the process, leaving you with just the ‘fun’, in our 6 steps to moving house guide. 

Draw up your list of priorities

Before you do anything at all, sit down and draw up your list of priorities. This should help you to see why you need to move and what you need from your next home. 

It might be that you need an extra bedroom, a large garden might be important to you, or perhaps it is off-road parking? In addition to thinking about the house itself, think about where it needs to be situated and how far you are able to compromise on that. 

Run the numbers

Before you move on, put in a call to your existing mortgage lender to run the numbers through with them. 

You need to be clear on how much you can borrow and how much that will cost you per month before you start looking around and planning any moves. If the figures all work for you, then you can move onto the next stage. 

Get your house on the market

Now that you are clear that you need to move and you know that you can afford to do so, you need to get your own house on the market. Many vendors will not accept offers on their property unless you yourself are sold and ready to move, so you do need to do this before property hunting.

Get a couple of estate agents over to give you quotes and then you can choose your preferred company to market your home to you. 

Start your own property hunt

As soon as you have accepted an offer on your home, you can get out there and begin your own property hunt in earnest.

You have probably been searching the internet anyway, so book those viewings in now and ensure that all the local estate agents have your details and requirements so that they can keep you updated with any new properties. 

Instruct conveyancers, lenders and make plans

As soon as you have had an offer on a property accepted, you need to file a mortgage application with your lender on the new property and instruct a conveyancer. 

As soon as you have that ball rolling, you can make other plans, from getting quotes from moving companies, such as MyBekins, to getting quotes for any building work or house renovations that you want to carry out. 

Book your help in

As soon as you know your moving date, you can book your help in. 

You might need someone to help you to juggle childcare that day, helping out with school runs and looking after your little ones. Arrange this one early so that you do not need to worry and can concentrate on the move itself.

You can then book in your removals company, order any furniture you will need and make arrangements with utility companies and suppliers to switch to your new address. 

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