6 Reasons pets can improve your health

6 Reasons pets can improve your health

Have you ever noticed that you feel happier when you’re around your pet? After a stressful day, the wave of calm you feel when you encounter a wagging tail isn’t just your imagination. Many studies have shown that owning a pet is good for physical and mental health. Unlike most human beings, animals don’t discriminate. They offer love without any conditions, which benefits you as much physically as it does mentally. Here are six reasons owning a pet can improve your health.

Improve Your Social Life

Having an animal is a great way to connect with others. As we grow older, many people find it harder to get outside and meet new people. Thankfully, pet owners don’t have this issue. When you exercise your pet, it brings you in contact with others, many of which will be exercising their own pet. With an animal as common ground, you find it much easier to carry on a conversation. 

Combat Feelings Of Stress

Doctors use dogs in therapy for a reason. Unless you’re scared of a certain animal, being near them can have a calming effect. This is because interacting with an animal, like playing with or petting them, releases of dopamine. As a feel-good hormone, dopamine combats stress and returns your body to a calm state. While improving your mental health, this helps the heart too.  

Keep Your Physically Active

Working out alone isn’t nearly as fun as doing so with a friend. Since animals also need exercise to live healthily, you could stay active with your pet. Although there are species you can’t work out with, like fish, many others you easily can. All you need are horse riding clothes or a leash for your dog. Being physically active has many benefits, so make sure you exercise together often. 

Work On Self-Esteem

All human beings need a sense of purpose to be happy. Owning a pet provides a reason for being. This will improve your self-esteem, among many other benefits. Having companionship, even in animal form, can combat depression too. After all, animals provide unconditional love, which will bring joy and offset loneliness. If you live alone, having a pet is especially beneficial.

Prevent Allergies In Children

Living with animals as a child can affect your health later in life. The reason for this is that animals expose owners to many allergens. While experts used to believe that this was dangerous, we now understand that the opposite is the case. Exposure to allergens decreases your risk of developing allergies. Having pets at home can also boost your immune system

Teach Valuable Life Lessons

Just like humans, animals have to eat well, exercise often, and attend checkups to live healthy lives. When you put this much effort into looking after your pet, it might make you wonder why you don’t do the same for yourself. Your health is just as important, after all. Because of this, you must take care of your own health. Whatever you do for your pets, do the same for your health. 


Finding a reason to adopt an animal isn’t hard, but if you need one, then simply look at your own health. 


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