5 Ways to get the kids involved with Christmas Crafts

5 Ways to get the kids involved with Christmas Crafts

Christmas is best spent with family, so why not add that sentiment to the décor by getting your kids to help you to make some ornaments? From capturing the moment with personalised baubles to putting twists on old classics, it’s easy to get the little ones crafting for the holiday season.

Here are five easy Christmas crafts that children will love getting stuck in to.

Handprint art lets the kids get messy while creating keepsakes you’ll love to hang around the house. Buy some plain baubles in any colour to suit your theme and get the little one to cover their palm with white acrylic craft paint, which you can buy from Homecrafts. Place the bottom of the bauble in the centre of their palm and ask them to close their hand around it for a couple of seconds, being careful not to smudge the paint as they slowly open their hand to make the imprint. Wait for the paint to dry before adding snowman features to the finger marks going up the sides of the bauble, using an orange Sharpie for the nose as well as a black one to add a hat and buttons going down the front. These make great gifts for teachers and family members, too.

Everyone has made simple snowflakes using some scissors and paper, but why not take it a bit further with some Christmas crafting? These are super easy to make and will last longer using ice lolly sticks rather than flimsy paper. Kids of all ages can get creative with sequins, glitter glue and fake snow. Find out how to make them here. They are simple and safe to create, all you’ll need to do is glue the sticks together, add a ribbon to hang them up and let the kids use their imaginations.

Start gathering up some old buttons because it’s incredibly easy to make some Christmas art using them. Print out or draw a template of a Christmas tree on some white card and start by getting your child to make the base of the pine tree by gluing down the buttons before gradually building the tree. Use traditional colours or let your child use their imagination to make their own dream tree, a great way of showing off their personalities. You can make other shapes using this method, such as a button Christmas wreath.

If you want to find toddler-friendly crafts that don’t involve scissors or a hot glue gun, Christmas jumper ornaments are ideal. All you have to do is cut some jumper shapes out of felt and loop some thread through the top with a needle to hang them up. Children will love adding stickers and making patterns with these sweet little jumpers using colours to suit your pre-bought materials. Find the complete guide to these little jumpers here, but don’t be afraid to use some more crafting supplies to add a few more personal touches.

Adding a star to the top of the tree is a much loved aspect of Christmas, so why not let the children make their own? Seeing their own creation make centre stage will delight them, and they can be kept forever for sentimental value. My Merry Messy Life has an easy-to-make felt topper tutorial that uses child friendly materials. Just give them a hand when it comes to using the glue – and reaching the top of the tree!

What are your favourite Christmas crafts to do with little ones (it’s never too early to prep in my eyes!) – I’d love to hear! 

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