5 Reasons to buy gold

5 Reasons to buy gold

If you’ve got some money spare to invest, people often think about investing in property, shares, or even wine, but what about thinking of other ways to invest? 

Have you ever thought about the option of investing in one of history’s oldest, most precious metals, and one that doesn’t lose its value?

That metal would be gold, and the thing to invest in- gold bars!

I have to admit that it wouldn’t cross my mind to go down this route, and in my mind I tend to think of pirates, shipwrecks and gold bullion, but apparently I couldn’t be more wrong.

Here are 5 reasons to buy gold, and why it’s actually a great monetary investment:

It’s a Tangible, physical investment

Physical gold is real and tangible. It is indestructible, cannot be created artificially, and is extremely difficult to counterfeit. Mining physical gold hard work and a costly process, therefore it has inherent value. In comparison, paper money just doesn’t cut the mustard. 

There is no investment risk

Physical gold has no counterparty risk. When you own gold bars and gold coins outright, there is no counterparty. In contrast, paper gold (gold futures, gold certificates, gold-backed ETFs) all involve counterparty risk. When you buys gold bars such as the 1g gold bar from Golden Eagle Coins there is no such risk. 

Universal Acceptance

Gold is universally accepted as money across the world, providing ample sales opportunities for gold bars and gold coins. This means that whichever city you are in across the world, you can always sell or trade your gold bars and gold coins, whatever the currency. 

Build a collection

Buying investment gold bars and bullion gold coins allows you to build a diverse collection – a fun, different pastime and a great form of investment and saving!

A fascinating history

The history of gold as a precious metal and currency is truly fascinating and amazing. Gold has played a major role in society for thousands upon thousands of years: from the early civilisations of ancient Egypt and Rome, right up to the modern day era. Gold has played a key role in international trade for centuries and has been directly responsible for the economic expansion and prosperity. It has been at the forefront of several cities development due to gold expansion and mining, such as San Francisco, Johannesburg, and Sydney.

Have you ever thought about investing gold? Or do you invest in other areas?

I’d love to hear.


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