5 Great Additions to your garden this summer

5 Great Additions to your garden this summer

Despite having essentially finished the majority of the inside of our house now, bar a few accessories, the garden is still very much a work in progress. I think I’ve mentioned before, but our garden now is quite unusual… it’s very large and long, but is actually tiered on 5 big levels.

On 2 of the levels now we have the children’s new climbing frame, trampoline and play house, which is perfect for them at the ages that they are and really makes the garden a family-friendly space. One the bottom two levels we have a ‘sunken’ patio area and a grass space with some attractive planting (all thanks to my awesome Mum who is chief gardener and is doing a brilliant job making everything look lovely!).

The middle tier is a work-in-progress. We’ve had some wooden steps built leading up to the play area, but still need to dig out some old roots either side of them, before creating some sleeper beds and then doing something with the flat area at the bottom of the steps. Here, I would very much like to make this a grown up/family seating area, somewhere to eat, drink and relax.

With this in mind, here are 5 things that I think would be great additions to our garden this summer:

The Outdoor Dining Table

grey outdoor dining table

You know me- I like grey indoors and grey outdoors! I REALLY like this grey Alexander Rose Old England Coffee table, from The Garden Furniture & Interiors Co and it would be great for hosting outdoor lunches and dinners, plus looks pretty stylish too. 

The Garden Mirror

We’ve got a garage wall running alongside some of our garden before you step up to the middle tier, and I reckon a garden mirror like the one above would make the wall look more attractive, as well as reflecting light and giving the garden an even bigger sense of space. 

The Coffee Table

At the moment we’ve got a fairly basic ratten coffee table in our sunken patio area that came with our current set of outdoor furniture, but I would really like something a bit more sturdy-yet-stylish. I absolutely love sitting outside with a book and coffee (I really do drink a lot of coffee), so a nice coffee table would be worth splashing out on and it would get good use for years to come. This Alexander Rose Roble Coffee Table is a design classic.

The Stunning Swing Chair

I have ALWAYS wanted a swing chair to relax in in the garden (if I can keep the kids away), and Adam has mentioned his desire for one too. This would go on the left hand side of the middle tier, and would catch the late afternoon sun perfectly. This Bramblecrest Monterey Double Hanging Cocoon is rather swish, and would look rather lovely in our garden. 

The Urban Bird Feeder

Freddie and Sasha love watching and feeding the birds in our garden, but I think that traditional bird feeders and tables can tend to look a little dated now, so would really like something that’s still bird-friendly, but looks a bit more modern. I really like the look of bird feeders like the one above and we have a decent-size tree it can attach to!

Are you in the process of getting your garden ready for summer? Are you looking to add/improve your garden at all this year? 

I’d love to hear!

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    These are indeed great additions to your garden in this summer. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.

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    July 12, 2018 / 7:49 am

    Loved these stylish summer garden furniture & accessories. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this.

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