5 Cute and Fluffy Bears on Hoodies With Ears and Why You Need to Grab One

5 Cute and Fluffy Bears on Hoodies With Ears and Why You Need to Grab One

Fluffy bear hoodies are showing all the signs of being the next onesie-style craze! They’re cute, comfortable and a lot of fun so get ahead of the crowd and start looking for your dream fluffy bear hoodie today. To help you out below I’ve found five of my favourite fluffy bear hoodies.

Haven Delicates – “Fluffy Bear Hoodie”

Available in Choco brown, black and white this cute fluffy bear hoodie from Heaven Delicates is the perfect first hoodie. With its simpler design and thick fluffy eared hood, it’s perfect for the colder months of the year and will make a fun alternative to a sportscoat of a jacket.

Romwe – “Bear Print Lace-up Hoodie”

This hoodie takes a slightly more unusual design approach instead of a shaggy bearlike coat it as a printed cute bear picture instead, but the charming eared hood makes still makes it a fluffy bear hoodie to me. With a flowing ribbon finish on each sleeve, this plush hoodie is sure to be very cosy and would make a great alternative if you don’t want to go for the more “traditional” fluffy bear look.

Quicksilver UK – “Bear Hoodie”

Fluffy bear hoodies aren’t just for us adults to enjoy, are they? This charming fluffy bear hoodie is designed for young boys aged 2 – 7 and its thick faux-fur eared hood is the perfect finishing touch to its amazing design. Made from cotton and polyester this padded coat is ideal for everyday wear and any little boy is sure to love it.  

Paw Star – “Teddy Bear Hoodie”  

While it’s the most expensive pick in my top five this stylish teddy bear hoodie from Paw Star is certainly worth it. Handmade and available in both dark and light brown tones this cute and cartoony hoodie is sure to get admiring glances. Designed for both men and women and complete with a charming bear-eared hood this hoodie is a real winner.

Shein – “Panda Hoodie with Faux Fur”

All kinds of bear can be celebrated with a fluffy bear hoodie and the panda is no exception. This high-quality polyester hoodie might not be as fluffy as others on this list, but it will be sure to keep you warm and cosy. The fabulous faux fur hood is the real highlight of this hood though and perfectly represents the fun and relaxed nature that makes fluffy bear hoodies so popular.

Why You Need A Fluffy Beard Hoodie!

So, now you’ve seen five of my favourite fluffy bear hoodies I should answer one final question you might be having. After seeing them you might be thinking “sure they’re nice but do I need one” and I’ am here to say yes you do! There are so many animal clothing products on the market including dog pants and the cat pocket middle finger shirt – all of which offer a unique design. Some of the most popular products are the ones that make you look like the animal itself – this bear hoodie does that.

The bear ear hoodie is cute and fun and as you’ve seen they don’t break the bank do they? They’re the perfect way to inject a bit of fun into your everyday wardrobe so why not treat yourself to one? I’ am sure you won’t regret it.  

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