5 car care products you should have in your family car

5 car care products you should have in your family car

Our car is now getting on a bit at 12 years old (eek!), and whilst we could do with a new one in the near future, it’s done us pretty well, has a humongous boot and is a dream to drive. We’ve always looked after it though (and ourselves when travelling in it), and that includes making sure that we’ve got a certain items in place in the car wherever we go. 

Here are 5 car care items that live in our car without fail:

Screen Wash 

This seems like a basic but i’ll hold my hands up and say that I’ve forgotten to replace this every now and again! Water doesn’t cut it compared to a proper screen wash, and if your windscreen ends up with mud sprayed all over it on your journey you’ll need to get rid of it, pronto. A good screen wash also helps in winter through snow and sleet. 

Window Squeegee

To compliment the screen wash! Just kidding, but we always have a window squeegee to clean the car windows and keep them in tip top condition. Our window squeegee lives in the side of the driver’s door, and is always close to hand should we need a quick clean of the windows before we drive away. 

Jump Leads

Flat batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdowns, and happen at the worst possible time (like in the pouring rain in winter when you’re leaving the kids’ tennis class in the pitch black. Ahem.) Whether you’ve left your lights on, or your battery has simply reached its end of life, carrying a set of jump leads means you have the chance to borrow another motorist’s power, without having to call a breakdown service. 

Your Car’s Manual

An unfamiliar light on the dashboard has caused me worry in the past… thankfully a quick nose at our car manual (kept in the glovebox) put my fears at ease. So many people have no idea how their car properly works, but by having the manual to hand it’s easier to become more familiar with your set of wheels. 

Reflective Emergency Triangle ­

Not just for holidays in France! We have one in our boot and it’s there to put behind the car facing oncoming traffic if we ever break down at the roadside.


What items to you have in your car without fail? Is your window squeegee always to hand?! If not you can easily find window squeegees here www.onlinecarparts.co.uk I’m sure there are many more that we have to be organised when driving, so would love to hear yours too!

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