4 Surefire Ways to Protect Your Phone from Damage

In an increasingly modern world, smartphones have become a huge and often indispensable part of life. Many people can’t imagine a day without their phone in hand. After all, they use it to accomplish a variety of daily tasks, from checking emails, to monitoring their health, to recording their daily budget, to connecting with family and friends.

It’s only understandable that one strives hard to keep their phones safe and working. So how do you do this? Here are some of the ways to help you protect smartphones from damage.

Be Mindful of Malware and Other Threats

Most people have the habit of clicking links and downloading and installing apps without doing proper research. This can be a recipe for disaster. You may unknowingly introduce malware on your device, which can lead to permanent damage.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your important data or buy a new phone if repair is impossible, then it’s important to make sure that your device is safe from infected apps. For one, it’s advisable to download apps only from trusted sources.

“Think before you click” is also worth remembering. Never click on suspicious links or download buttons, because they may lead your phone to ruin.

Minimize Its Exposure to Elements

Extreme temperatures can damage smart devices. Since your phone is an electronic device containing small components like amplifiers and microprocessors, it can be vulnerable to intense heat and cold. You may be surprised by how many people forget their phones in the dashboard of their car during the height of summer. Some leave theirs overnight during a cold winter.

You also need to consider its exposure to moisture. Once a phone gets wet, the internal part corrodes. Corrosion is an irreparable damage that you should avoid at all cost. This means you should check your pockets before deciding to leap into the pool or make sure your phone is out of your baby’s hand and mouth.

In case of situations beyond your control, these simple tricks can help you save your phone from damage due to moisture exposure:

  • Shut down your phone.
  • Pull out the battery.
  • Use the “rice trick” to remove moisture (submerge phone in dry rice).
  • Turn on your phone when you’re sure it’s completely dry.

Give It the Necessary Protection

You can’t just leave it to luck and precaution. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep your phone safe, untoward accidents can still happen. You may drop it while changing clothes in the gym or scratch its surface with your car keys as you get it out of your pocket. Anything can happen.

To ensure your phone’s screen is damage-free, getting a screen protector is the best way to go. Most modern screen protectors have added features like oil-resistant coating to minimize fingerprints and smudges.

Speaking of dropping your phone, you will definitely want to get a phone case. The market offers a variety of phone cases that cater to specific needs.

If you want to protect the entire phone, then a full case is needed. Bumper cases are a good choice if you want to keep the sides safeguarded. Other phone cases do more than the promised protection. They can also be designed to look good and carry your personal touch.

You may want to buy a stylish phone case that allows you to tailor it according to your preference, from colors and emojis to patterns and photos.

Let Your Phone Breathe and Rest

It may be tempting to scroll through the social media feeds or play that addicting game for hours and hours. However, smartphones can’t survive for long if you let them work nonstop.

To improve your phone’s longevity, you can reboot or shut it down for 30 minutes or more at least once a week. This will make sure that caches are cleared and diagnostics can run. It allows your RAM to live a longer life.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your phone can go a long way in keeping untimely damage at bay. After all, your smartphone isn’t invincible. By keeping these best practices in mind, you’ll be able to make it last longer.

This will also help you save precious money as you won’t be forced to spend before your contract expires or you’ve paid your credit in full.


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