3 Tips for Keeping Your Spirits up When You Experience a Major Setback in Life

Life is rich with great possibilities, opportunities to be taken advantage of, and exciting and fascinating paths to be explored and delved into. Unfortunately, however, life also simultaneously comes with inevitable setbacks, missed opportunities, broken dreams, and assorted issues that can cause us to become stressed out, disheartened, and unsure of how to go about keeping your spirits up.

If you have experienced a major setback in life recently, the process of overcoming that will always be very personal and specific to you. But there are a number of things you can do that can help you to keep your spirits up nonetheless.

Here are a few tips to keep your spirits up when you experience a major setback in life.


Take some time to calm down, and look for potential workarounds

Sometimes, the major setbacks we experience in life can’t be “fixed” and simply need to be accepted.

In many cases, however, there will actually be things that you can do to work around the setback that you’re experiencing, and to avoid letting it completely stymie your progress  towards your goals.

The thing is, in order to actually identify those potential workarounds and to apply them successfully, is very important that you are able to take some time to calm down, collect your thoughts, and approach the situation from a more rational and balanced perspective.

If you have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant, for example, exploring an IVF procedure might be a viable path to go down. But it will require calm consideration, research, and planning.


Spend time with the people closest to you and stay active

When you’ve been crushed by a major setback in life, it’s very common that your overpowering impulse will be to isolate yourself, and to ensure that you’re alone with your thoughts, while avoiding interacting with the world at large.

Although this is a common impulse, it is also potentially the worst thing you can do in many cases for your overall mental health and sense of well-being.

Spend time with the people closest to you, instead of ruminating indoors by yourself constantly. Take steps to stay active – both with regard to things like physical exercise, and also with regards to hobbies.


Take care of yourself by participating in activities that you find meaningful and uplifting

One of the big dangers when you’re faced with a major setback in life, is that you will fall into a nihilistic state of mind where everything seems hopeless and doomed.

In order to keep the optimistic spark in your spirit alive, take care of yourself by participating in activities that you find genuinely meaningful and uplifting.

In many cases, you won’t be able to just “think” yourself out of your negative mindset. Instead, it will be by actively doing things that you find meaningful, that you will come to experience a shift in your thinking and keeping your spirits up, and in the way you feel about the situation in question.

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