10 Things that have made me happy this week

I realised I haven’t done one of these for aaaages! And I love them, as I think writing them always reminds me of the lovely things I have in my life and to be grateful for everything. I give myself bonus points for writing this as last week had a couple of really shitty days earlier in the week- snowed under with work, stepping in dog poo (literally a shitty day), poorly me, poorly kids, a parking ticket, non-sleeping toddler, tired older kids… the list seemed endless but thankfully got much better! 

I also feel so saddened about what happened on Friday at London Bridge, and so thankful as Adam was only a couple of minutes from there having met someone for lunch, and was leaving at pretty much exactly the same time as the incident took place. He was going to head over London Bridge from Monument to do some work in a cafe there, but instead took a call and went back the office. So his lucky escape is probably is number 1. on my list this week, and my heart goes out to the people caught up in it and their families. 

2. My birthday! I had a lovely day, and Mum took me and Arlo out to lunch with her friend Pauline who was staying with her, and then I had a Thai takeaway with Adam and the kids in the evening. Perfect. 

3. Putting up the Christmas tree yesterday, FINALLY acceptable now it’s December! Kids were far too excited and over the top so wasn’t the most relaxing of experiences but always fun nevertheless! Just the ‘extra’ decs to put up now 🙂 

4. A good week for the big two kids with awards: Freddie was in the school’s ‘Golden Book’ on Friday, Sasha got her class reading award, and then at her gymnastics club annual awards she came 2nd as ‘Most Improved Gymnast of the year’ in her squad- very proud of both of them!

5. Adam and I had our first Bailey’s of the year after the tree was up- so good (if fattening!)

6. Cold, crisp weather- love waking up to frost as opposed to miserable rain. 

7. Booking tickets to the cinema with Mum on Thursday- looking forward to seeing ‘Last Christmas’ even though it’s had mixed reviews. It’s still festive, right?!

8. Watching Sasha in her year 3 Djembe drum performance- they were all AMAZING, one of the best things the school has done with the kids.

9. Nearly finishing Christmas shopping. A few bits to go but otherwise sorted, and just need to do a short shopping trip to finish off stocking fillers for Freddie and Arlo (Sasha is sorted, girls are easier for this sort of thing IMO)

10. Arlo totally nailing potty training- it’s been 4 weeks now and he’s acing it. I feel SO happy that we don’t have to deal with nappies ever again! 


What’s made you happy this week?


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